Driver chides 'oblivious' mum who crossed road recklessly with 2 kids: 'They could have died'

Submitted by Stomper Love

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A driver was appalled by her encounter with a woman who crossed the road recklessly with two young children in tow on Saturday evening (May 15).

Stomper Love shared a video of the incident that occurred at Waterway Cascadia in Punggol at around 7.15pm.

In the video, a woman can be seen jogging across the road just as Stomper Love was making a turn into the estate.

The woman is seen gesturing to a young boy and a young girl behind her, both of whom were pushing their bicycles across the road.

The trio had also appeared from a blind spot behind a car that was exiting the estate.

Stomper Love said: "If I had driven a little faster, they could have died.

"This is very dangerous and the mother seems to be oblivious to this. It's really bad parenting and I hope her kids won't grow up to be oblivious too."