Driver blocks multiple cars at multi-storey carpark for over 1 minute

Submitted by Stomper Kumar

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A driver that blocked multiple cars from leaving a carpark has left Stomper Kumar feeling frustrated.

The incident was said to have occurred yesterday (Jan 11) at around 6.30pm in the multi-storey carpark of Sembawang Shopping Centre.

He shared a video of the incident with Stomp and also posted it to the SG Roads Vigilante Facebook group.

In the video, a driver can be seen moving to a slope leading to an exit out of carpark.

The vehicle then stopped for over a minute, blocking other cars from leaving the carpark.

In his post on Facebook, Kumar said, "Dey SLP 7465 U, you want to wait for your gf don't block the way la... people blink blink horn horn for more than 1 min and you still don't wanna drive off."

He also said that the long queue of cars behind had honked at the driver who was blocking the way.

"We are paying for parking fees leh. People hungry want to eat dinner leh," added Kumar.

According to Kumar, the driver had also wound down his window and "showed attitude".