Driver beats red light while pedestrians are still crossing road in Yishun

Submitted by Stomper Roger

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Stomper Roger spotted a driver with the car plate number SLM8337R beating the red light along Yishun Ring Road, in front of Block 356, at 7.19pm yesterday (May 9).

Roger said: "The reckless driver was driving straight across a signalised pedestrian crossing.

"At that time, the bus on the left lane had stopped and pedestrians were crossing the road.

"Fortunately, no one was hurt. 

Roger shared this video in hopes to remind the public "that there are many similar reckless motorists out there who simply have no regard for the law and the safety of others".

"As a pedestrian, we are most vulnerable to these reckless behaviours and need to be extra vigilant when crossing the road, especially to keep a lookout for approaching vehicles even when the traffic light is in your favour," added Roger.

"In my opinion, this traffic violation is amounting to dangerous driving and it will be reported to the Traffic Police. Such reckless drivers should be removed from our roads immediately in the interest of public safety.

"This is coming from a concerned motorist."