Driver beats red light and drives towards oncoming traffic at Punggol East junction

Submitted by Stomper Koh

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A driver was filmed beating the red light and driving towards oncoming traffic at a traffic junction in Punggol East at about 12pm on Tuesday (Nov 5).

Stomper Koh was driving beside the car when he witnessed this incident and shared with Stomp footage from his dashboard camera.

Koh said to Stomp: "I was driving to my workplace in Punggol and happened to be right beside the black car in the video.

"The traffic light was already red and so was the arrow to turn right but this driver managed to squeeze his car through the oncoming traffic to turn right.

"I feel that it's very unsafe. It's a red light and vehicles were coming towards him from the opposite side.

"Could've caused an accident with how he drove out like this."

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