Driver beats red light and has near-accident with woman crossing road with face covered

Submitted by Stomper Sherman

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Things could have turned deadly for a pedestrian who narrowly avoided being hit by a driver that beat the red light.

Stomper Sherman captured dashcam footage of the incident that occurred along Balestier Road on Friday (March 12), at around 12.13pm.

The video shows a white car beating the red light at a pedestrian crossing even though a woman was in the midst of crossing the road.

Due to the wet weather, the woman was covering her head with a makeshift shelter and was looking in the other direction when the car whizzed past her.

The woman can then be seen stopping in her tracks and waving her arm as the car came to a halt some distance away.

Sherman said: "They were both so lucky. A split second later and the pedestrian would have been hit."