Driver arrested after Eunos accident: New video shows the moment car crashed through road divider and 4 lanes before hitting bus

Submitted by Stomper BC

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A new video showing the exact moment a Honda driver crashed his car through a road divider and across four lanes before hitting a bus has emerged.

It was earlier reported that the incident, which Stompers Jolene, Anonymous and Tu shared photos of, took place along Eunos Link Road on Sep 23 at around 9.30am.

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The Honda's 28-year-old driver had been spotted shouting at and pushing officers who had rushed to the scene. Witnesses also reported seeing him being restrained by three Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) paramedics

He was subsequently arrested for using criminal force against a public servant, said the police.

Today (Sep 24), Stomper BC WhatsApped Stomp a video that his nephew had captured on his car's rear camera.

It shows the red Honda ramming through the road divider and four lanes before colliding with a bus, as debris flew.

BC said, "My nephew was so shaken and if he had been two seconds slower, it would have hit him head on and things would have been tragic."