Driver and woman argue after she reserves carpark lot with her body: "This is carpark, not humanpark"

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A driver and a woman got into an altercation when the latter stood at a lot in a carpark in an attempt to reserve the space.

Several Stompers had alerted Stomp to a video of the argument.

It is unclear when and where it happened, although the car plate numbers of surrounding cars appear to be from Malaysia. 

In the video, the two are heard arguing over the lot as the woman refuses to move from where she is standing.

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The words "stupid" and "no manners" are hurled back and forth before the driver told the woman "you are not a car, you are a person".

He then argues her claim that she was there first, by saying that his car was there first. 

The woman also told her jie (which means 'sister' in Mandarin) that the driver was "stupid" for not being able to speak Mandarin despite being a Chinese person.

The squabble between the woman and the driver lasted for about two minutes as both of them refused to give way to the other. 

The driver later exits his car to record the woman up-close, who then rolled her eyes at him before telling someone who is out of the camera frame that "he has no manners" and that she "doesn't know if [he's] a man or a woman".

The driver then asks her: "Why don't you wait for a parking [lot] like everyone else? Like a normal person."

The woman later calls him "stupid" again and he retorts with "eh carpark ah, not humanpark".

Before she leaves, she again calls him "stupid" for not being able to understand Mandarin, to which he responded by saying she has no manners.