Driver and passenger 'sleep' in Mercedes after leaving it parked in middle of the road at East Coast

A Mercedes-Benz driver was allegedly found sleeping in his car, which he had left parked in the middle of a road at East Coast Lagoon.

In a post on Wednesday (May 23), Facebook user Ms Airun Shaik uploaded three videos of the incident, which she said "happened in the wee hours of this morning".

According to her, a friend filmed the videos.

In one clip, the white Mercedes can be seen parked across a two-lane road.

Passers-by then approached the Mercedes driver and his female passenger, both of whom appeared to be asleep.

The driver roused slightly and lifted his head when someone gave his car a knock, only to become unresponsive again.

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Another video shows an uncle speaking to the Mercedes driver and warning him that he would be in trouble if the police came.

"You drive car drive until like that. Park at the carpark and get a ride home. I drive you home also can. You like that, if the police come, you will die," said the uncle in a mix of Mandarin and Hokkien.

He also repeatedly asked: "Can you still drive?"

"Later the police come, you might even lose your licence, don't joke around," added the uncle.

In a third video, the Mercedes driver appeared to move his vehicle.

It is unclear what happened afterwards.

Stomp has reached out to Ms Airun for more details.