Driver allegedly flees after hitting motorbikes at Pasir Ris carpark, but leaves licence plate behind

A driver allegedly fled after hitting multiple motorcycles at a carpark in Pasir Ris Street 11, but left the vehicle's licence plate behind at the scene.

Facebook user Shafeeqah Ros posted photos of the incident at 10.11pm on Monday (May 15).

The images show multiple motorcycles lying on their side in the parking lot.

They appear to have been damaged, and a licence plate (SLM 3661 L) lies beside the motorcycles.

Shafeeqah explained in the Facebook post:

"I was watching tv at home and then I heard a loud bang.

"This happened at my carpark.

"A car hit down a few motorbikes in PasirĀ Ris StreetĀ 11 block 118 carpark and ran away.

"And left the car plate behind, SLM 3661 L.

"Make it go viral my dear friends."