Dramatic video shows Mexico plane crash that left 85 people injured

After an Aeromexico airliner crashed in the capital of Mexico's Durango state moments after its takeoff, investigators went sifting through its wreckage on Wednesday (Aug 1) and located the plane’s flight recorders which may contain clues to what caused its crash.

Of the 103 passengers - 97 adults, two children, and four crew members - onboard the plane, 85 of them were injured and there were no fatalities.

Most of the passengers were able to evacuate the plane before it combusted.

In a video that was taken from the plane's window, grey skies and droplets of rain are seen.

The person who was filming, however, suddenly lost control of the camera as a loud crash is heard.

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Investigators have begun sifting through wreckage of an Aeromexico passenger jet, searching for clues to what caused it...

Posted by The Straits Times on Wednesday, 1 August 2018


Despite not being able to see anything in the video for quite some time, the distress of the passengers can be felt through their shouts and cries.

A man is heard saying, "in Jesus' name," before mumbling incoherently.

Both adults and children can be heard shouting in the background.

There are also cries that sound like they are coming from young children.

According to State Governor José Rosas Aispuro, the plane was hit by a gust of wind which caused a sudden descent.

Its left wing then touched the ground and two engines broke off.

Luis Gerardo Fonseca, director of Mexico’s civil aviation agency, told local news media on Wednesday that the recorders had been found.

“We already have them,” he said in an interview with broadcaster Televisa.

However, it may take months for safety investigators to piece together the complex chain of events leading to an accident.

But the location of the wreckage which allowed access to the flight recorders, and interviews with the crew and other survivors might make it easier to determine the cause of the crash.