Woman yells at Yishun MRT Station staffer when asked to move

Stomper Kurt alerted Stomp to a video showing a heated argument between an MRT staffer and a female commuter at Yishun MRT Station.

According to the caption in the video, the incident took place yesterday (Jun 29), although we cannot confirm this. 

At the beginning of the video, the commuter can first be heard telling the staffer that she wanted to stand where she was at after she was told to move.

The staffer then responded by saying something to her. His voice was inaudible in the video, but judging from the footage, he probably continued telling the woman in a calm manner that she should move.

The commuter however, did not take the instructions well, and replied by shouting at him.

She can be heard saying loudly:

"No, don't tell me where to stand, I stand there, I stand there.

"What is wrong with you?

"I am not doing anything wrong. I am just going to stand here."

The staffer then said something to her. The contents of what he said cannot be heard in the video.

The female commuter subsequently replied:

"Not until you get someone to drag me out."

The person who recorded what happened then left the station in a train and it is unclear what happened thereafter.