Don't leave your rubber bands lying around, or this lizard will steal them

Submitted by Stomper Nor

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Sometimes we find the weirdest things in our houses.

Yesterday (July 5) at around 2am, Stomper Nor came across a peculiar lizard in her parent’s house.

The reptile seemed to take an odd interest in a rubber band.

According to Nor, the band had been bitten by her cat and was coated in the feline’s saliva.

She had thrown the band away in the trash bin after that.

When she went to the kitchen for a drink later, she was amused to see that an adult lizard had grabbed the rubber band from the bin and was transporting it back to its lair.

Said Nor:

“The lizard somehow got the band up to this small crevice around one of the corners in the kitchen.

“It tried to move the band in but it was having difficulty.”

She thought nothing of it and went to sleep.

When she woke up today, the lizard and the rubber band were nowhere in sight.

Nor added:

“I think it managed to move the band into its home.

“It’s the first time I’ve seen a lizard acted like that.”