Domestic worker in Indonesia allegedly stabs her baby after giving birth, dumps body in bin

A 21-year-old female domestic worker in Indonesia has been arrested for allegedly murdering her own baby in the kitchen of a restaurant.

The bloodcurdling incident happened at a restaurant in Pondok Aren, South Tangerang, Jakarta Police spokesman Senior

Commissioner Argo Yuwono confirmed on Tuesday (Jan 16).

Said Argo:

“The perpetrator allegedly committed violence against a minor, leading to its death.

“We therefore investigated the perpetrator, who allegedly murdered and dumped the baby.“

Workers at the restaurant reportedly found the baby’s body in a trash can. 

Based on the investigations conducted, the woman experienced contractions, and gave birth in the kitchen, and subsequently murdered the baby with a knife.

She then placed the body in a black plastic bag and dumped it in a trash can, reports The Star.

A witness who went into the kitchen saw the blood on the floor and initially thought that the perpetrator was bleeding. 

The restaurant owner was informed and took the woman to a hospital to seek treatment, but was told by doctors that she had already given birth, and should undergo surgery.

The police arrived at the hospital the following day and arrested her. 

Argo added:

“We will conduct a DNA test to make sure the baby is hers.”