Dogs allegedly left in cage in poor condition outside factory now looking for forever home

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A two-women team of dogs' right activists is pleading for help to find better homes for two dogs that are allegedly kept chained in a cage outside an industrial building.

The two-women team posted on their Facebook page, called Chained Dog Awareness in Singapore, about two dogs that were kept in cages in an open carpark.

According to a post on the page, which Stomper Mimi alerted Stomp to, the two dogs were left to endure the weather conditions in the cages left out in the open.

One dog, Xiao Bai, allegedly did not want to step out of the cage even when the door was left open and attempted to eat its own poo.

The post also alleged that the cage smelled badly and had not been cleaned in days, while the bowl was rusty and did not have any water.

Chained Dog Awareness in Singapore also said that flies were constantly circling both dogs.

The page administrators said they spoke to the owner, who allegedly claimed that he found these two dogs at the roadside when they were cute puppies, but did not realise they would be a problem to house in the factory when they grew up.

According to the post on the page, the owner started by chaining the dogs to the tree but made a steel cage for them due to complaints.

In the post, it is also said that the owner claims he loves the dogs, feeds them well, shares his health supplements with them, gives them weekly baths, never skips their meals, and knows that he needs to be responsible for them.

Said Chained Dog Awareness in Singapore in the post:

"The only good thing that came out of this conversation was that he is receptive enough to allow us to make a better arrangement for the dogs.

"We are running out of options as we are only a two-women team and we do not run a shelter and neither do we have the financial means to continue to lift these chained or caged dogs and bear the financial burdens.

"Anyone out there willing to give them a home, please? Xiao Bai is friendly. He licked our hands and leaned his body against the cage, wanting us to touch him.

"It is heartbreaking to see him and even Xiao Hei wanting some love and attention... even though we were total strangers.

"Our hearts go to these two dogs but what can we do about it? We are at our wits end. Will anyone step up to help these two dogs?"

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