Dog killed in alleged hit-and-run accident at Commonwealth Ave West, police looking into matter

Submitted by Stomper Michael

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Police are looking into an alleged hit-and-run accident along Commonwealth Avenue West that left a woman's dog dead.

Stomper Michael, a friend of the dog's owner, said a passer-by had found Skinny found injured by the roadside on May 12.

Michael told Stomp: "We believe Skinny was hit by a vehicle. The driver simply left her there to die and drove off.

"Skinny suffered severe internal injuries that left her body bloated.

"The passer-by brought Skinny to a veterinarian clinic but she still succumbed to her injuries.

"The police responded to the accident on-site and a subsequent police report was made."

According to Michael, his friend had earlier posted on Facebook to appeal for Skinny's return after she went missing from home.

The passer-by recognised Skinny from the Facebook post and got in touch with the dog's owner.

Michael added: "However remote the chance may be, we hope that members of public can provide some clues regarding what happened or that there are in-car cameras that captured footage of the accident."

In response to a Stomp query, the police confirmed that a report was lodged and are looking into the matter.