Dog group raises funds to rescue golden retriever left at closed workshop over CNY

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A pet social group raised funds to rescue a golden retriever that had been chained at a workshop at North Link Building in Admiralty.

On Jan 23, Facebook user Kennedy Chd posted photos and videos of the dog named Tyler.

He said he found it "crying for help" at the workshop that was closed over the Chinese New Year long weekend.

UPDATE : Case closed, thanks for all the help! ...

Posted by Kennedy Chd on Monday, January 23, 2023

He said that the workshops would probably have been closed for one to two days in light of the holiday and stated how unacceptable it was for Tyler to have been left there.

He said: "Even one day is not acceptable!"

Animal lovers expressed concern for Tyler and animal welfare group Chained Dog Awareness in Singapore (CDA) shared on their Facebook page that they had visited Tyler's owner previously who reportedly was not willing to make any changes for his golden retriever.

CDA advocates for better welfare for chained dogs.

We are currently receiving many text messages via WhatsApp and on our FB regarding this case. We wish to inform that...

Posted by Chained Dog Awareness in Singapore on Monday, January 23, 2023

Tyler's owner had apparently gotten it when it was a puppy as a gift for his daughter who wanted a dog for doing well in her studies.

Unfortunately, his wife is scared of the dog.

CDA said that they paid three visits to the premises and that the owner promised to bring the dog to his condo at night and to put it in an enclosure instead of chaining it up in the daytime.

"However, that enclosure has since become a rubbish dump," CDA said.

"The owner claimed that Tyler does not want to stay in the enclosure."

The group added that on multiple occasions, they had witnessed Tyler tethered to a short chain "with many dangerous items near him".

They pointed out that since Tyler is a young dog with teething issues, the chances of it ingesting these objects are real.

They also questioned what would happen if a fire broke out at the workshop or if the reason it was barking was that it was thirsty or hungry.

They also questioned whether it was comfortable relieving itself in the small area it was left to sleep in.

They also urged the community to report the matter to the police and NParks.

Despite his living conditions, Tyler was described as being affectionate and friendly.

Case closed: Tyler is freed!...

Posted by Chained Dog Awareness in Singapore on Monday, January 23, 2023

"Every time we were there, he excitedly jumped on us and asked for belly rubs," CDA said.

"How does he deserve to lead such a wretched life?"

On Jan 24, CDA posted an update that Tyler had been rescued after pet social group Golden Retriever Club of Singapore (GRCS) managed to raise funds "in exchange for his freedom".

CDA said: "And now that he is given a new lease of life, we wish Tyler all the best and look forward to hear his happily adopted story."

Tyler is FREED! Thanks to Kirsten for leading the negotiation with the owner, Tyler has been given up for an agreed...

Posted by Chained Dog Awareness in Singapore on Tuesday, January 24, 2023