Dog chained to wall in owner's garden missing: Animal welfare group appealing for info

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A dog that was chained to a wall in its owner's garden went missing, and an animal welfare group is appealing for information to look for it.

A Stomper alerted us to the post on Facebook made by Facebook group Chained Dog Awareness in Singapore (CDAS) on Oct 30.

According to the Facebook post, the dog, nicknamed Rusty because of the rusty chain it was attached to, was allegedly stolen.

In 2015, the awareness group was alerted of Rusty's poor living conditions, which only allowed it to sit, stand and pace in the same small area.

According to AsiaOne, it had become the case had been investigated with the authorities.

In response to a Stomp query, the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) said: "AVA investigated the case when we were first alerted in 2015, and found that the dog’s owner had failed in his duty of care.

"In December 2015, we issued a directive to the dog’s owner to improve the dog’s living conditions (e.g. lengthen the leash and provide it with adequate shelter).

"Our subsequent inspection found that the dog’s owner had complied with our directive and no welfare concerns were observed."

Rusty's owner had extended the length of the chain after volunteer efforts and investigations by the authorities, and the dog still remained tethered to the wall.

The AVA added that when alerted to cases of pets that are chained or tethered, they would assess the case in totality.

They took into consideration how the pet is chained, its history, whether food, water and adequate shelter are provided, the pet’s health condition, its overall living environment and any other factors that could possibly be related to the case.

"If the pet owner has failed in his/her duty of care, AVA will take enforcement action. Chaining or tethering is not an offence," said AVA.

On Oct 31, the Stomper passed by the house Rusty lived in and saw the wall Rusty was previously tethered to being painted.

He said: "The pillar Rusty had been chained to was being painted over. I saw a white paint roller brush and putty."

In the post, the group wants to know where Rusty is to ensure that he is in "good and safe hands".

Facebook user Fannie Loke suggested engaging an animal communicator (AC) in the comments section.

CDAS replied her comment and appealed for help to pay the fees required to hire an AC.

Facebook user Doris Yam said that she would "chip in $200" to engage the AC.

Facebook user Eerena Teo recounted the situation and said: "In this case, which had stretched since 2015, many tears were shed and hearts were broken on seeing the broken-spirited dog, Rusty. The public did not give up."

"Those who were involved took the time to visit Rusty tirelessly and also to advise owner.

"Some cried, some offered to adopt, others with big hearts offered to invest in retraining so any possible behavioural issues could be modified.

"Everyone hoped to see the dog being treated better."

If you have any information about Rusty or know of his whereabouts, kindly contact us at or WhatsApp (+65) 9384 3761.