Does this woman realise how dangerous it is to be walking along PIE?

Submitted by Stomper Sebastian

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Stomper Sebastian was driving on the Pan Island Expressway (PIE) on May 11 when he saw a woman walking on the side of the highway.

He told Stomp that he saw the woman alight from a car that had parked on chevron markings near the Adam Road exit before pulling away.

"I did not manage to get the car's licence plate number," said the Stomper.

He was shocked that the woman had gotten out of the vehicle at such a dangerous location.

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"I then saw her walk along the exit towards Adam Road," he said.

"It's so dangerous.

"People should not do this."

Previously, Stomp reported on a man who was seen jogging against traffic along Toh Guan Road.

A man and two children were also caught on video dangerously dashing across a PIE slip road.