Does this look safe? Panels on condominium building sway in strong winds

Submitted by Stomper J

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Several panels on the Echelon Condominium building came loose on Saturday (Dec 16) at around 4.13pm.

Stomper J who was at Tanglin Road Condominium, just opposite Echelon Condominium, took a video and sent it to Stomp.

In the footage provided, several panels could be seen swaying in the strong winds, amidst the heavy rain.

J’s companion first questioned if the panels were supposed to be this loose. 

To which J replied:

“Of course, not.”

J’s companion then commented that there was more than one panel which came loose, and J added that they looked ready to fall off.

J quickly alerted the police. 

Said J:

“It’s on Alexandra Road and (there’s a) walking path for residents to Redhill MRT below, so it’s quite dangerous.”

Not long after, workers came to patch back the loose panels.

J added:

“I think it’s within the hour. 

"None of the panels fell off and I don't think anyone was hurt.

“They rectified it quite fast.”