Doctors in China remove 76cm of man's intestines -- along with 12kg of faeces that was inside

A man in China had 72cm of his intestine, along with faeces it was containing, removed after complaining of severe constipation.

According to The Coverage, the man had a build-up of 12.7kg of poop that had been inside him for months or even years.

The 22-year-old patient has been suffering from a rare condition called Hirschsprung’s disease. 

His faeces could not pass through his colon completely because of a lack of nerves in come muscles.

Since young, the man had a bulging belly and had to rely heavily on laxatives.

Doctors at the at the 10th People’s Hospital of Shanghai spent around three hours removing the human waste as well as parts of his intestine.

Thankfully, the patient is now in stable condition and is expected to make a full recovery.