Do you know this hero? Woman praises man who voluntarily directed traffic when lights were faulty

A woman was anxious when she came to the junction of Macpherson Road and Paya Lebar Road where the traffic lights were faulty.

However, a man she describes as a "hero" took it upon himself to direct traffic and help navigate other motorists.

Facebook user LiTing TaRa took to Facebook to express how grateful she is towards the gentleman.

When Stomp reached out to her, she said that she was on her way to fetch her husband on Thursday (Oct 11) at about 6.15pm when she neared the traffic junction.

She wrote in her post: "I had to make a right turn.

"Vehicles going straight had the right of way.

"I tried to inch forward, or I would never get to move further.

"I was so desperate to reach my destination as I had a crying infant in the car."

That was when she noticed the man wearing a motorcycle helmet and blue T-shirt had voluntarily stepped to guide the other road users.

"Immediately, I felt so relieved," she said.

"I was pretty sure he was hungry and tired, just like all other drivers and pedestrians.

"However, he sacrificed his own time and volunteered to be a guide to all the road users.

"I really wanted to shout out THANK YOU to him when I made my turn, but obviously, I couldn’t as I had to be extra focused to avoid creating [an] accident and add on to the already jam-packed roads.

"To this man in blue, from the shirt that you were wearing, I figured you are from some logistics company.

"You are a great hero!

"From the bottom my heart, thank you very much.

"You saved all our time.

"And I could hug my crying girl earlier because of your selfless sacrifices.

"Thank you!"

She added that she hopes her post gets shared so that the man in blue can read it.

Stomp would like to give a Stomp Goody Bag to this selfless hero.

If you are this man or know who he is, kindly contact Stomp at or WhatsApp 9384 3761.