Do you know this gentleman who helped elderly woman safely cross the road?

Admit it, we all love to see heart-warming videos of everyday people performing kind acts to total strangers.

It puts a smile on our faces, and restores our faith in humanity.

But it also invokes curiosity within us, as we wish to find out who this good Samaritan is.

Just like how Stomp would like to find out who this kind gentleman is who helped an elderly woman cross the road safely near Junction 8 shopping mall.

A video of this awesome deed was posted on on the Facebook page by 阿森.

The clip shows a driver coming to a stop to let an elderly woman who was using a walking aid.

The woman waves to thank the driver, and slowly proceeds forward.

A man, dressed in a white shirt and black pants, notices her as he is crossing.

The concerned man waves to on oncoming taxi to stop, and the cabby does so.

The man then waits and crosses the road alongside the elderly woman, before both the cam-car driver and the cabby proceed.

Netizens who viewed the clip praised the man, the cam-car driver and the taxi driver for ensuring that the elderly woman crossed the road safely.

Recently, Stomp has taken steps to recognise Good Samaritans and highlight their acts of positivity by presenting them with exclusive 'Goody Bags'.

We feel that these role models deserve more than just verbal praise, and wish to reach out to more of them to highlight the positive aspects of our community.

As such, we would like to find out if anyone can identify this kind gentleman. 

If you have any information on him, please write in to or notify us through WhatsApp (9384 3761).