SEA Games champ Amanda Lim has found little girl who missed out on mascot toy

National swimmer Amanda Lim has found the young girl who missed out on receiving a SEA Games 2017 mascot from her after she won the 50m freestyle race on Aug 26.

Amanda took to her Facebook page yesterday (Aug 28) evening calling on the power of social media to help her find the girl.

In a video she shared, Amanda was at the side of the pool waving to her family to thank them for coming down to support her and to give them the games mascot.

There was a young girl who was seen on video hurrying down from the top of the stands to get closer to Amanda but she did not see her.

"It must be all the elation I was feeling that somehow clouded me from seeing anyone else other than my family from the crowd," she wrote.

She wanted to find the girl so that she could send her a games mascot as a gesture of appreciation and apology for not seeing her that night.

She updated her post this morning (Aug 29) saying that she found the girl named Caitlin Chan thanks to the power of social media:

"I will be doing my due diligence once I get back from my holiday! The power of social media - THANK YOU everybody!!!"

Watch the video below.