'Dinosaur invasion' turns Clarke Quay into 'Jurassic Park'

Submitted by Stomper jr, Joshua, Karin, Qabeer

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Revellers in the Clarke Quay area over the weekend were treated to a Halloween spectacle that consisted of dinosaurs.

Several Stompers contributed photos of the event, which saw mascots dressed as the prehistoric creatures.

The dinosaur parade is believed to be part of the 'Halloween Mayhem by the Quay' event.

Stomper jr said: "I thought I was in Jurassic Park sia!!! But the dinosaurs were friendly cause they took pictures with me.

"One even wore 'I'M SINGLE' tie, I guess not only humans are #foreveralone.

"It felt like dinosaurs came to life for a moment, I was definitely taken aback. But for sure, I’m definitely not the only one who wanted to take pictures with such a rare sight."

Stomper Joshua added that the Godzilla-like creatures brought "a ton of laughter and life to Halloween at Clarke Quay".

Stomper Karin also told Stomp: "I thought the only place I would see dinosaurs would be at Universal Singapore Studios. but at Clarke Quay? That’s awesome!!!

"Many were squabbling to take pictures with them and so did I. Why could I not, cause it’s not a sight you’ll see every day."