Diners smoke right under 'no smoking' sign at Woodlands North Plaza coffee shop

Submitted by Stomper L

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Stomper L was at the coffee shop of Woodlands North Plaza at around 7.30am this morning (Jul 4) when he saw two men smoking beneath the 'no smoking' sign.

L said he had just finished breakfast and had passed by the men as he was leaving.

Feeling annoyed by the act, L decided to share this with Stomp.

He said: "I come to this coffee shop at least twice a week to eat since it is near where I stay and I like the food here.

"This was a very common sight.

"The guy in blue seemed to know that I took a photo of him because we had mild eye contact, in the photo he was looking at me. But he did not seem to care.

(Story continues after photo)

"Hence I wanted to share this so that they will stop these illegal acts. 

"That's why I wanted to share it with Stomp."