Diners panic during 'snake invasion' at coffeeshop -- but uncle continues eating beehoon like a boss

Diners at a Bukit Gombak coffeeshop panicked after a relatively huge snake paid them a visit in the morning.

One badass uncle however, stood his ground and continued eating his beehoon at a nearby table, treating the serpent as a form of entertainment rather than a threat.

In a video posted on Every Day SG, the group of diners can be first seen congregating near the serpent that was outside the coffeeshop.

As the snake approached the premises however, they started to disperse and left to watch the reptile from a safer distance.

The uncle who was sitting one table away from the snake, had no intention of abandoning his food and nonchalantly continued enjoying his beehoon.

Towards the end of the video, one diner used a chair to attract the attention of the serpent. It responded by lunging forward aggressively, but stopped short of attacking anyone.

It is unclear where the snake came from and what happened after the video was taken.