Diners forced to throw away food that pigeons help themselves to at People's Park Food Centre

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Feb 22, 2023

First, it was rodents darting around on the ground. Now, diners at People's Park Centre are complaining about crows and pigeons 'sweeping past' over their heads while they eat.

Hawkers and customers are concerned over the hygenic state of the food centre, where they are helpless in trying to stop the wild birds from startling them during meal hours, reported Shin Min Daily News.

Reader Chen Shitian, 60, recounted: "I was eating when the pigeons suddenly flew above my head. I think it is also very unhygenic.

"Hopefully the relevant authorities can do something about it, like maybe setting up nets to prevent the birds from entering the food centre."

Another diner, who wanted to be known as Ms Zhang, said that she has seen the birds pecking at food remnants on the ground.

Mr Lu, 57, who operates a meat roasts stall, said the wild birds would fly in to shelter from the rain.

"Sometimes up to a dozen at a time," he added. "And when the cleaners are not paying attention, they would have a go at the uncleared bowls and plates to eat the leftovers. Some of the birds are no longer afraid of the shooing."

The relevant authorities have been informed of the situation, but until something is done, the hawkers said they could only rely on laser lights to scare the birds away.

Another hawker, Mr Lu, said that he has seen customers leave their food on the table to get a drink or sauces only to have the birds swoop down on the dishes.

"The customers have no choice but to throw away their orders," he said.

A spokesman for Jalan Besar Town Council said it was aware of the bird infestation and has continued to ensure the cleanliness and hygiene of the food centre.

It has also informed the cleaners to step up on efforts to clear and clean the dishes on the return tray racks to prevent the birds from feeding on the leftover food.

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