Diners find 'rusty nails' in their meals in two separate incidents

Submitted by Stomper Elston, John Z

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The only risk most diners would want to take when it comes to food is adding more spice.

Unfortunately, two diners found 'rusty nails' in their meals which could have potentially caused bodily harm.

Stomper Elston shared with Stomp how she bit into a nail while eating nasi lemak from Crave at Compass One on May 12 at about 8pm.

She also posted photos of the nail on her page and said it was her first time trying nasi lemak from Crave.

OMgggg...CRAVE Nasi Lemak & Teh Tarik This is my first time trying your Famous nasi lemak from your COMPASS ONE Branch...

Posted by Elston Ng on Wednesday, May 12, 2021

She said: "I almost 'died' eating this and my mouth hurts!!!

"Can you EXPLAIN?????"

When Stomp reached out to Crave regarding the incident, a spokesman apologised for the experience.

She explained that all their rice is hand washed before cooking and that there is a metal detector at the factory where they produce their ikan bilis.

Crave is investigating where the metal nail could have come from.

In a similar incident, Stomper John Z shared with Stomp that he was shocked to find a metal nail inside the kang kong vegetables he had ordered from an economy rice stall at a Toh Guan coffee shop on May 17 at about 6pm.

"I have always read about people finding cockroaches, nails and things in their food," he said.

"Never did I expect it to happen to my family.

"We ordered take away food and my wife was eating the vegetables and bit into it only to find something extremely hard.

"If she had bitten in the wrong direction, she would have gotten a hole in her mouth.

"Worse still, what if my child had swallowed it.

"How can such incidents happen?"