Diner touched to see family celebrating maid's birthday with food and song at Telok Ayer restaurant

Submitted by Stomper Goh

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Domestic helpers travel far away from home to make a living in Singapore, with their employers being the closest thing they have to a family here.

Which is why we should always do our best to make them feel welcome and appreciated.

Stomper Goh was touched when she saw a family celebrating their domestic helper's birthday at a restaurant at Telok Ayer Street on Thursday night (March 28).

Goh said she was having dinner at Kim's Family Korean Restaurant at around 8.30pm when she witnessed the lovely gesture.

She told Stomp: "Seeing the whole family singing a birthday song with claps and laughter for their helper was heartwarming. Kudos to them!

"I hope that by sharing this, everyone can treat their helpers with the same kindness and respect. They deserve to be treated like a family member and as a fellow human being.

"Employers and their families are the next closest thing that domestic helpers have for a family away from home."