Diner pays $6.20 for cai png in Eunos coffee shop, says it 'almost feels like sitting in restaurant'

Submitted by Stomper Kwan

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A man paid $6.20 for cai png in a coffee shop and said it almost felt like being in a restaurant.

Stomper Kwan shared a photo of a plate of rice with vegetables and a piece of fish he bought from the Kimly mixed rice stall in a coffee shop next to the Eunos MRT station.

"Having a simple cai png almost feels like sitting in a restaurant," said the Stomper.

He said the price of the food was not displayed at the stall and so could only estimate the price of each food item:

  • Rice: $1.00
  • Two vegetables: $1.50x2
  • Fish with bones: $2.00
  • "Excellent service": $0.20

Can these be considered restaurant prices?