Diner orders hot sesame from VivoCity shop, but gets 'totally cold' dessert instead

Submitted by Stomper R

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After a disagreement about wet and dry bee hoon reported on Stomp on Monday (Dec 27) comes another debate about hot and cold dessert.

Stomper R visited a dessert stall at VivoCity on the night of December 18. Among the items ordered was a hot sesame paste for $3.70.

However, what R got was less than satisfactory.

The Stomper said: "We ordered HOT SESAME But, what happened?

"1. The dessert came. The bowl was so hot that you could see steam. But the paste was totally cold.

"2. We called for the waitress. Told her about the situation. She took the bowl of dessert away.

"3. Minutes later, the dessert returned. Goodness me, the bowl was so hot that I could not even lift it.

"4. What shocked me was the dessert wasn’t hot hot, just like lukewarm water and I still could see the white powder.

"5. My conclusion. I feel cheated. The dessert is not homemade at all. One can go to the supermarket to buy the powder too!"

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