Diner upset that Coca-Cola in Subway dispenser is mixed with water, but it's for your own good

Submitted by Stomper A

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Don't bubble with rage when you get fizzy beverages from the drinks dispenser at Subway restaurants and see plain water coming out instead.

It's actually for your own good (and health).

Stomper A visited Subway at City Square Mall last Thursday (Nov 3) at around 7.30pm, but felt that he did not get bang for his buck.

He told Stomp: "They are serving their drinks infused with water. The Coca-Cola Zero Sugar that was dispensed came out as 50% water and 50% Coca-Cola. And that's not it – it also dispenses half a cup of water at the end."

In a video taken by the Stomper, both water and Coca-Cola can be seen coming out from the drinks dispenser.

Stomper A added: "I feel that this is unfair for the price being paid for the drink."

However, Subway Singapore explained that this is how the drinks dispenser is meant to work.

In response to a Stomp query, a Subway spokesman said: "The drinks dispensing machine works slightly differently from the usual ready-to-drink bottled/canned Coca-Cola beverages

"As the base of the ingredients inside the dispensing machine is 100% syrup-based, the dispensing machine will perform the duty of mixing it with water and carbon dioxide (C02) to get the fizzy Coca-Cola drinks that we have come to be familiar with.

"Therefore, to get the right beverage taste, the dispensing machine will mix syrup, water and CO2 to get the right taste profile for all our guests."

So, just let the drinks dispenser do its job.