Did you see my sons' Pokemon Tretta cards? We misplaced them at Plaza Singapura

Submitted by Stomper Blur Mummy

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Stomper Blur Mummy is looking for her sons' Pokemon Tretta cards which they misplaced at Plaza Singapura at 5.50pm yesterday (July 8).

According to her, her sons were playing with the cards at the TOG shop on the sixth storey when one of them had a stomachache.

They rushed to the toilet and subsequently left for home as he was still unwell.

However, in the commotion, they had left some of the Pokemon Tretta cards behind.

The cards they had left behind were Chesnaught (four stars), Delphox (four stars) and Haxorus (three stars).

Blur Mummy said she tried to call the shop at about 8.30pm to ask about the cards.

She said that the staff informed her that many kids had played there and the cards were likely to be lost.

"If anybody's kids happened to pick them up, please do contact me as those are my son's favourite and strongest Pokemon Tretta cards. 

"Greatly appreciate it."

If you have any information about these cards, you can email Stomp (stomp@stomp.com.sg) or send us a message through WhatsApp 9384 3761.