Did you queue for the iPhone X? Try spotting yourself in these photos and videos

Submitted by Stomper Bryan

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Hundreds flocked to the Apple Store along Orchard Road in hopes of getting their hands on the newly released iPhone X, sales of which officially began this morning (Nov 3) at 8am.

However, fans began queuing as early as yesterday morning (Nov 2), some armed with food, luggage, chairs and even sleeping bags.

Stomper Bryan passed by the area at around 7pm yesterday when he was out shopping, and contributed photos as well as videos showing the enormous crowd.

He described the scene as "crazy" and added: "I ordered my iPhone X online and have already received it, so I don't know why so many people are queueing."

Bryan also noted litter being left behind by people in the queue.

Apple Orchard Road saw crowds of up to 800, which is more than the 200 people at September’s iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus launch.

There were two separate queues for walk-in customers and those who had pre-ordered the phone respectively. The latter group was allowed to enter the store first.

Each buyer was limited to two phones.

Two 22-year-old students from Thailand, Mr Kittiwat Wang and Mr Supakorn Rieksiri, had flown to Singapore to purchase the highly-coveted iPhone X, which they had pre-ordered on Oct 27, for themselves and their parents.

According to The Straits Times, they were the first to enter the store and Mr Supakorn was the first customer to make a purchase.

Housewife Madam Ila Ahmad, 52, was the first from the walk-in queue to enter the store.

She and her full-time national serviceman son, 19, began queuing as early as 6.30am yesterday (Nov 2). They brought along drinks, bread and a sleeping bag.

The duo paid for their haul of four phones within 20 minutes of the opening.

The Apple iPhone X retails at $1,648.00 (64GB) and $1,888.00 (256GB).

More than 20 iPhone Xs, priced from $2,500 onwards, were being offered for resale on online marketplaces such as Carousell, within two hours of Apple Orchard Road's opening.