Did you know you can report taxi drivers who reject picking you up for no valid reason?

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Stomper DFWM recently alerted Stomp to a Facebook post by user PjH Andrew, in which he expressed surprise that taxi drivers could be penalised for refusing to pick up passengers.

The post read, "Wow! Like this also can kana [get] summons and (demerit) points? How about UG?" 

A letter stating that the recipient of the letter, who was charged with refusing to rent out his taxi to passengers without reasonable excuse, was also uploaded.

Stomp understands according to Road Traffic Act, taxi drivers are in fact, not allowed to refuse to convey passengers without valid reasons. 

Under the Vocational Licence Points System (VLPS), errant taxi drivers found liable of such an offence can be penalised with a composition sum of $300 and six demerit points. 

A taxi driver’s vocational licence can be suspended for a period ranging from two to eight weeks for accumulating six or more demerit points. 

Said licence will be revoked if the driver accumulates 21 or more demerit points within 24 months. 

As for Andrew’s statement on ‘UG’ which refers to Uber and Grab drivers, the rules do not apply, as these are not public service vehicles and cannot do pickups. 

Said DFWM:

"Next time if you approach a taxi and the driver refuse to bring you to your desired location (for no valid reason), report the driver's name, taxi licence number to LTA.

"Public services shouldn't be denied."