Did you know you can get fined for parking beyond allocated lots?

Submitted by Stomper Nicholas

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Stomper Nicholas sent Stomp a photo showing a summons issued to a cabby who apparently parked a taxi beyond the borders of a parking lot along Kandahar Street on May 17.

According to the summons, the cabby was fined $50 for infringing rule '13#'.

The Stomper was perplexed as to whether drivers can be fined for poor parking.

As it turns out, they can.  

A check on the HDB website revealed that rule '13#' referred to 'parking beyond the boundaries of the parking lot thereby causing obstruction'.

Drivers of motor cars found to have infringed that rule will be fined $50, which tallies with the amount the cabby was asked to pay.

Motorcyclists who infringe rule 13# can be fined $25 and heavy vehicle drivers can be fined up to $200.

Motorists... you have been warned.