Did you find a black wallet containing this PAssion card at Mount Alvernia Hospital? Please return it

Submitted by Stomper Grayson

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Stomper Grayson’s father dropped his wallet just as he was alighting a cab at a taxi stand in Mount Alvernia Hospital on Tuesday evening (Sept 12).

He realised that it was missing only after meeting up with Grayson in the hospital a few minutes later. 

Inside the black wallet were his IC (identity card), PAssion Silver card, two Marina Bay Sands cards and an OCBC ATM card.

When Grayson spoke to the taxi driver after, the cabby told him that he had seen a man bending down, seemingly to pick something off the road after Grayson’s father alighted. 

Grayson then approached the security team in the hospital.

Upon reviewing the surveillance footage, they confirmed that someone had indeed picked the wallet off the road.

Said Grayson:

“I have made a police report.

“Hope to get the wallet back soon.”