Did these birds really die from the recent cold weather in S'pore?

Submitted by Stomper Vincent

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Stomper Vincent came cross a few dead mynas scattered around the foot of his block at Jurong West Street 91 while returning home from breakfast on Saturday morning (Jan 13).

Vincent theorised that the birds could have died due to the cold weather recently experienced in Singapore. 

According to him, he has seen this phenomenon overseas.

Said Vincent:

“In temperate countries where they have seasons, I have seen birds just dropping dead when the temperature dips. 

"These are usually those that did not migrate in time to escape the cold.

“In Singapore, the average temperature is about 25 to 26 degrees when it is cool.

“So these birds might not be used to the weather.”

Asked if he liked the recent cold weather, Vincent replied:

“I’m quite used to the cold weather, but I think in general Singaporeans aren’t.

“But it’s normal, we complain when it’s hot but also complain when it’s cold also.”

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