Did Taiwan’s Elva Hsiao have plastic surgery? Check out her drastic transformation

Being one of the most recognisable faces in Taiwan's entertainment scene, many of us know who Elva Hsiao is.

But would you recognise her if we showed you a photo of her from when she first started out?

PlastyTalk asks the question: Would Elva be as popular as she is today if she had never gone under the knife?

In a report dated Feb 7, PlastyTalk compares Elva's photos with those from her past.

It also listed some signs that she had gone under the knife, such as:

  • Bigger eyes and double eyelids
  • A slimmer and more "elegant" nose
  • A pointier chin after undergoing jaw reduction

Read the full story here or view Elva Hsiao​'s transformation in the gallery above.

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