Determined auntie shakes 200kg claw machine at Lucky Plaza until stuffed toy drops out

Submitted by Stomper Anonymous

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Unable to 'catch' a stuffed toy with her $1 token, an auntie decided to shake the entire claw machine until the plushie fell out into her hands.

The incident occurred at the Bear Claw Taiwan arcade, located on Basement 1 of Lucky Plaza, last Monday morning (Oct 7).

Stomper Anonymous, who owns the affected machine at the 24-hour arcade, contributed CCTV footage of the incident that took place at around 7.30am.

Anonymous said: "I decided to check the CCTV because I saw that the machine was in a huge mess. The toys that were hanging in it had all dropped down.

"Sensing something amiss, I checked the camera playback.

"The woman came to the arcade, played with some machines and then walked over to mine.

"She didn't even insert any token and started to shake the machine.

"When she saw that a bear seemed to be dropping from her shaking, she inserted a $1 token.

"She attempted to catch the toy but couldn't, so she shook the machine again until it dropped out."

The claw machine is 2m-high and weighs 200kg.

Anonymous also said that by sharing the incident, she hopes to warn everyone of the potentially dire consequences of such behaviour.

She told Stomp: My intention is not to catch the woman, but to highlight to everyone that there are CCTV cameras in every shop.

"The machines are very heavy, and thus, extremely dangerous if they land on anyone.

"We have ever come across customers whose toys got stuck at the machine's claw. They called us and we gave them the toys willingly. There was no need to shake the machine at all."

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