Detergent leaked after Shopee Xpress delivery, customer gets apology and refund

Submitted by Stomper Tina

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What a mess.

A Shopee customer was upset to come home and find the laundry detergent she ordered leaking on her doorstep on Jan 10.

Stomper Tina had paid $54.24 for eight 3.6kg bottles of the Breeze Gentle On Skin liquid detergent, which came in two boxes of four bottles.

She said: "Shopee Xpress just threw my parcels outside the door without informing me and all the liquid detergent leaked on the floor.

"I was very upset with the Shopee Xpress courier. I know that the amount was not much, but their service was really, really very bad."

The Stomper shared videos and photos showing the liquid detergent leaked on the container and the floor.

In response to a Stomp query, Shopee said: "We have reached out to the affected user to apologise for the negative experience and issued a full refund.

"We continue to work closely with our delivery partners to ensure our service and delivery standards are upheld at all times."

Tina has since told Stomp: "I just want to update that Shopee has already refunded me and apologised for what happened. Thank you very much for your help."

Last month, Stomp reported that a video of workers carelessly unloading packages from a Shopee Xpress van went viral and Shopee told Stomp that the behaviour was "unacceptable".