Deliveryman pays $70 deposit for e-scooter but only receives parts, seller refuses to give refund

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A Stomper bought an e-scooter online, but received parts of it instead of the whole thing.

The Stomper, who is a deliveryman, wanted to buy the e-scooter for work purposes.

He came across an advertisement on Facebook and contacted the seller, Steve, on Oct 9.

The e-scooter cost $300 and the Stomper opted to pay for it in instalments.

The e-scooter the Stomper saw online and wanted to buy from Steve

On Oct 13, the Stomper and his wife met up with Steve at his house in Yishun to discuss the instalment plan.

The Stomper said: "We were in shock at the condition of his house. There were scraps of metal and parts of different e-scooters on the floor."

They agreed on an instalment plan where the Stomper would pay Steve $50 every week, with an initial payment of $70.

According to the Stomper, Steve claimed to be an e-scooter specialist.

The Stomper told Stomp: "We trusted him a lot with this transaction and appreciated his help in helping us in getting an e-scooter, as the e-scooter was for work purposes.

"Both of us are delivery riders and the personal mobility device (PMD) plays an important role for us to commute and work every day."

On Oct 22, the Stomper's wife went to Steve's house to check on the progress of their e-scooter.

The Stomper shared and said that Steve promised that he would only take half a day to get the e-scooter parts together and complete it, but it took nearly two weeks to get it done.

His wife arrived at Steve's home at about 2pm.

She found that the e-scooter was not put together at all.

The Stomper said: "My wife told me that Steve was trying to fix a tyre to the e-scooter, which turned out not to be the same tyre he sent us."

The Stomper's wife waited at Steve's house till almost 9pm, he said.

"Before she left, the e-scooter was actually done up properly and the wiring was done up perfectly. My wife took off and went home with a promise he had made that he would send the e-scooter via a GrabCar ride to our house at 10.30pm on the same day."

However, the e-scooter only reached the Stomper's house the next day on Oct 23.

Tthe Stomper booked a GrabCar ride at about 4pm that day and waited for the arrival of the e-scooter.

When it arrived, the e-scooter was not the completed one that the Stomper's wife had seen the day before, but an incomplete one instead.

The Stomper shared with Stomp his reaction when he saw the e-scooter and said: "When the e-scooter arrived, my wife and I were in complete shock and felt like something had slapped us across the face. We were utterly disappointed by the end product."

He said that there were scraps of metal and some parts of the PMD that were not completed.

The Stomper called Steve who he told him that "all the parts were there" and that they would "just have to join the dots".

"There were too many missing parts of the e-scooter to put it together. Both of the tyres came off and it was upsetting that there was not even a shape of an e-scooter but just a metal scrap.

"He claimed that he changed only the board but why was the wiring all over the place?

"The wiring, the tyre and the battery doesn’t even sit in place."

The Stomper then decided to get a refund from Steve, and the following situation played out.

In the first picture, the Stomper asked Steve for the $70 refund.

The second screenshot shows Steve asking the Stomper to go to his house to collect the payment, to which the Stomper replies he is going to make a police report.

The Stomper then tells Steve that he will have the non-functional e-scooter back via a GrabCar ride.

When the Stomper tries to confirm that he will receive a refund, Steve defends himself by saying that he did not cheat the Stomper of his money.

In this picture, the Stomper tells Steve that a police report has been lodged.

Finally, the last screenshot shows Steve calling the Stomper a "keyboard gangster" and asks him to carry on.

In the end, the Stomper does not send the e-scooter back and is waiting for a response from the authorities.

In response to a Stomp query, the police said that a police report has been lodged.

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