Deliveryman in China drinks customer's soup -- then tops it up with his pee

Candice Cai
Tuesday, Sep 12, 2017

A woman's surprise meal for her husband turned literally sour when the delivery guy not only drank half the soup, but peed into the remainder in a bid to cover his tracks and make up the difference.

To nobody's surprise, his attempt proved unsuccessful.

The incident occurred in China's Chengdu city on Chinese Valentine's day last Thursday (Sept 7), reported Chengdu Business Daily.

The man's loving wife had cooked some red bean soup and engaged a delivery company to hand it over to her husband who was at work.

According to Shanghaiist, the man opened the vacuum flask only to be hit by a "putrid smell".

When he called his wife to ask if the soup had gone bad, his wife told him that it was freshly cooked.

After making a phone call to the delivery company to complain, the delivery man subsequently called him back and confessed that he had urinated into the soup.

In a WeChat conversation with the husband, the delivery man offered to compensate him with 420 yuan (S$86), but his offer was rejected.

Calling it the "strangest" and '"nastiest" case in the company's history, the boss of the delivery company flew from Beijing to Chengdu to apologise to the husband in person, in an attempt to mollify the situation.

In an interview with a reporter, the delivery man broke down after admitting that he felt "really terrible" for what he'd done, Chengdu Business Daily reported.

"I gulped down the soup before I realised I couldn't answer to the customer." But he maintained that he had no malicious intent.

His reason for the foul act? "I couldn't find any water (to top up the flask with)."

Police are currently investigating the case after the husband pressed charges.