Delivery woman tosses box containing baby milk powder in front of customer's unit, damages packaging

Submitted by Stomper Qamarul

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In response to a Stomp query, a J&T Express spokesman issued a response to the matter on May 28 at 5.16pm: "J&T Express is aware of this incident and is actively investigating.

"We are in contact with the customer, and he is satisfied with how we are managing the issue.

"We are fully committed to safeguarding the delivery of parcels by our drivers and have in place strict guidelines on delivery standards for all our contractors.

"This behaviour is unacceptable and goes against our values and service commitment at J&T Express.

"We will be undertaking the necessary action pending our investigations, as well as re-emphasising our delivery guidelines with all our drivers, to ensure that the utmost care is taken for our customers’ packages."

Original article:

A woman was caught on camera tossing a package in front of a customer's unit on Wednesday (May 26).

Stomper Qamarul shared with Stomp that he had ordered two boxes of NAN 4 baby milk powder via Shopee and that the item was delivered by logistics service J&T Express.

He also shared a video showing the woman dropping the package onto the floor.

"A lady came on May 26 at around 11.23pm and threw the parcel in front of my gate, pressed the bell and left.

"The box was torn and the milk box inside was damaged also.

"If she can throw it in front of my gate, I believe her parcel handling in her vehicle would be the same."

Stomp has reached out to J&T Express for comment.