Delivery riders forced to park illegally outside Whampoa condo that doesn't let them park inside

Submitted by Stomper J

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Where can they park?

Food delivery riders were forced to park illegally on a public path outside a condominium that did not allow them to park inside.

On April 11, Stomper J, who is a delivery food rider, shared videos taken by a friend of illegally parked e-bikes outside Eight Riversuites in Whampoa East.

"The management disallowed us to park our e-bikes inside and expected us to park outside on the pavement," said the Stomper. "The citizens complained and called the Land Transport Authority (LTA) to come and fine us riders."

The videos show three uniformed officers in vests that said "LTA enforcement" surrounding a delivery bicycle parked next to a fence outside the condo.

According to the LTA website, all bicycle, e-bikes, personal mobility aid and personal mobility device users should park their devices at designated parking places such as bicycle racks and yellow boxes.

E-bikes are also not allowed on footpaths.

The Stomper also shared a screenshot of messages about the incident, which said: "Condo management does not allow motor/bicycle/e-bike to be parked inside. Only cars are allowed to park inside. So they asked all these motor/bicycle/e-bike to park outside the condo on the pavement which will block the people's pathway.

"As time goes by, people complain and ask the enforcer to come down and fine us.

"We tried to talk to the security to ask their manager to come out to talk about it, but the manager refused. The staff only said it was the management's decision not to allow us to park and yet we need to deliver food to customers.

"So what should we do? We send the food and get fined."

In response to a Stomp query, the managing agent of Eight Riversuites said: "We are seeking headquarters instruction."

Stomp has contacted LTA for more info.