Delivery rider grateful to Toa Payoh condo resident for letting riders park out of the rain

Submitted by Stomper J

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As the wet weather continues this month, it is especially hard on delivery riders.

Not only do they have to ride in the rain, they are also often not allowed to park in a sheltered area when making a delivery to a condo.

So Stomper J is grateful to one condo resident who made a dreary day a little brighter – and drier.

"I lost my job five months ago and my family is not aware that I am doing food delivery," said the Stomper.

"Through these five months, I have met many different customers. Some are nice with a welcoming smile. Some don’t open the door and just shout ‘put outside’. Some complain when they get the wrong order, but it is not my fault.

"Some just don’t even bother to look into my eyes when I deliver and thank them while getting drenched in the rain to make sure their delivery is on time."

J lives in Ang Mo Kio and usually makes deliveries around the area.

He recounted: "Recently, I had two orders from a condo in Toa Payoh called Gem Residences. Twice I visited the condo on a day it was raining.

"First delivery: Although the rain wasn’t very heavy, the bag was wet because I was asked to park in an open area by the security guard.

"The second delivery was close to lunchtime. The rain was very heavy and the guards told me and the other riders to turn right and park in the open area. There was no shelter.

"My heart really sank.

"I saw that the condo had a sheltered lobby and a carpark. Why couldn’t they let us in? We needed to park in the open and walked some distance to the lobby to deliver. Dripping all wet inside lobby and lift, we got stares from residents.

"But very fortunately, a female driver in a white SUV stopped in the heavy rain, winded down her window and shouted out to us. She put her hand out in the rain to signal to us and told us to drive inside the multi-storey carpark and not park in the rain.

"I told her that the guards said to park here, but she insisted and asked us to tell them that a resident told us to park there and to just give them her car number if they were to ask. She told me to tell the guards she was some council member.

"Those who were making deliveries that day were very touched. Humanity is hard to find nowadays.

"I want to take this chance on behalf of the other riders that day to thank this kind lady. It is people like you that make the rides and our life easier. May god bless you. Thank you."

The Gem Residences resident turned out to be a gem.