Delivery guy says youths riding PMDs give all users a bad reputation

Submitted by Stomper G

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Stomper G, personal mobility device (PMD) user, is calling for youths to be banned from riding the devices because he thinks they are giving all riders a bad reputation.

He shared a video of a youth riding an e-scooter along Pasir Ris Drive 3 in front of Downtown East amidst other vehicles on Thursday (June 6) at about 10.30pm.

G, who works as a food delivery guy, said: "Another young person on the loose, causing a bad image for PMD delivery people and disturbing their rice bowls."

Last month, G had also shared another video of riders hogging Pasir Ris Drive 3 and playing music at full blast.

"It has never been about what e-scooters they are riding, the problem is the rider!

"All I see are spoilt brats who don't love their lives and wasting their parents money by being inconsiderate and causing issues for the PMD community.

"The Land Transport Authority (LTA) should impose an age limit on who can ride a PMD.

"I don't mind going for basic theory lessons for this.

"PMDs are supposed to make life and commutes easier on a daily basis.

"It was never meant for young bloods who have zero patience and basic courtesy.

"I feel sad about how the public look at us like we are all the same when we are not."