Teens in Malaysia set fire to 100 motorbikes after being scolded for making noise

A group of teenagers in Subang Jaya, Malaysia set fire to 100 motorcycles on early Wednesday morning (May 16) after they were reprimanded for being too noisy.

According to the New Straits Times, the incident had happened at Flat Angsana, USJ 1.

The teenagers aged between 11 and 15, were scolded for making excessive noise at the ground level of the block at 2am. 

Subang Jaya chief assistant commissioner Mohammad Azlin Sadari said that five teenagers have been arrested over the alleged case of arson. 

He said:

“A whole row of motorcycles which were parked at block F of the flats were torched.

"The fire also damaged parts of the building.”

The resulting fire also resulted in a blackout, and the lifts, as well as water pipings in the flat, were left damaged.

The fire was put out by firemen from the Fire and Rescue Department of Malaysia at about 3 am, added the police chief. 

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