Defiant Chinese driver blocking way gets car lifted by crane onto security office roof

An unreasonable driver was taught a lesson when her car was lifted by a crane onto the top of a security station. 

The amusing incident happened at a residential estate in Benxi, Liaoning province, in China, on Tuesday morning (Aug 22), reports The Star Online.  

The driver had allegedly refused to pay her parking fees and got into a dispute with security personnel.

She then parked her sedan directly outside the station and left, blocking traffic from entering the estate. 

In retaliation, the estate’s property management firm decided to hire a crane to move the car.

However, rather than simply removing the obstruction, the firm went one step further: Ordering the crane to lift the car onto the roof of the security station. 

It was later reported that the driver and a representative from the firm met up later at a police station to settle their dispute.

After coming to an agreement, the crane was deployed to bring the car back down.