Decaying tree with termite infestation falls, nearly hits residents at Woodlands playground

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Woodlands residents commemorating the Mid-Autumn Festival last Friday (Sept 29) had their celebrations interrupted when a large tree suddenly fell without warning.

Stomper Love Sg said the incident occurred in the presence of kids and adults at a playground at Block 791 Woodlands Avenue 6, at around 9pm.

The Stomper, who witnessed what happened from his balcony, recounted: "A three-storey-high big tree of more than 14 years suddenly broke at trunk level and fell.

"The fallen tree almost fell on groups of children and adults celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival at the playground. Luckily, no one was walking along the pavement next to the tree at that time.

"I feel that the town council should conduct more frequent checks on older trees. This time round, it is thanks to Lady Luck that no one was hit by the fallen tree."

In response to a Stomp query, a spokesperson for Sembawang Town Council said: "We are very fortunate that no one was injured.

"Our town council was activated and our team from horticulture quickly attended to it and removed the tree within an hour.

"Meanwhile, our arborist had checked and advised that the reason for the tree to fall is due to internal decay with termite infestation. No visible termite trail can be seen on its trunk and there was also no dieback or defoliation sign.

"As a safety precaution, we have deployed arborists to check nearby trees for any visible termite infestation, and the pest control team was deployed to check the surrounding for signs of termites and follow up with treatment."

The town council will continue to monitor trees in the estate in the next few months, especially with strong winds during the year-end monsoon period, noted the spokesperson.

The spokesperson added: "Safety is our top priority and we will take all precautions to prevent such reoccurrence."

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